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Researching and Teaching Languages for Specific Purposes – Cahiers de l’APLIUT is a journal published by the French association of language teacher in French Instituts Universitaires de Technologie (APLIUT). The journal publishes the results of research carried out about the teaching and learning of all languages and cultures in Higher Education. Since its beginnings it has been oriented towards both theoretical and applied research while maintaining a pedagogical dimension through the publication of notes on teaching experiences in each issue. An editorial team led by the Editor-in-chief produces the journal. The Editorial policy respects strict standards of scientific publishing and all articles submitted are subject to double-blind peer-review.

Latest issue
Vol.36 N°2 | 2017
Jeux et langues dans l’enseignement supérieur

Playing and Learning: What are the Stakes in LSP and LAP?

Following Anne-Laure Dubrac’s presentation during the 2015 Apliut scientific congress, we decided to question the added-value of « games » for the teaching and learning languages in Higher Education. Digital game-based learning is now emerging as quickly as computer aided language learning emerged in the 1980s. They both challenge pedagogic innovation, that is to say the means by which we try to go beyond the current limitations to our approaches of language learning for developing specific language skills. Number 2, volume 36 of Researching and Teaching Languages for Specific Purposes is hence entitled Games and Languages Learning in Higher Education. Il contains 14 texts, all written with a will to innovate with regards to the teaching and learning of languages for specific purposes in Higher Education.